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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is the last step before we go out in the street with pistols.

Civil litigation happens when a plaintiff files a lawsuit against one or more defendants.

After the lawsuit is filed, the number of plaintiffs and defendants can increase or decrease depending on the type of dispute. It is common for a plaintiff who sues a defendant to be sued back by the defendant.

As the lawsuit continues, a plaintiff or defendant may decide that some other person or corporation could somehow be responsible for some claim made by any one of the parties to the lawsuit.

Lawsuits are governed by a very complicated set of rules that are designed to facilitate the exchange of information and evidence in an orderly and comprehensive fashion while protecting information which is privileged by virtue of some special and confidential relationship.

An older lawyer once described civil litigation to me as having three speeds: slow, stop and reverse.

We live in a complex world with complex relationships and transactions. Litigation adds another layer of complexity to civilized interaction. It is expensive, cumbersome, and slow.

If you have been sued or believe you may need to sue someone, you need expert assistance in navigating the byzantine world of civil litigation.

Persons who represent themselves are held to the same standards as lawyers. Corporations are required by law to be represented by counsel.

Lawsuits can result in judgments for millions of dollars, affect title to land, sever relationships between spouses, parents, children and business associates.

The only thing civil litigation cannot result in is your incarceration or death, though failure to understand and follow the rules of civil litigation might result in your incarceration.

Bill Pedersen has handled many different litigation matters for foreign corporations, local businesses, and individuals in lawsuits from small collection matters to complex interstate litigation involving parties throughout the United States and Europe.

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