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Law Office of Bill Pedersen, III, PLLC, wins a declaratory judgment that ends lawsuit threats and costs clients no money

The Law Office of Bill Pedersen, III, PLLC, represented two of three daughters, who were involved in emotional litigation related to the estate of their recently deceased father, and their elderly mother, who is in her nineties and in failing health. The non-client daughter is a lawyer, who constantly threatened litigation in an attempt to intimidate her sisters. Her threats had been effective for years. Then the two non-lawyer daughters hired The Law Office of Bill Pedersen, III, PLLC. The Law Office of Bill Pedersen, III, PLLC, successfully defended her latest lawsuit. The Law Office of Bill Pedersen, III, PLLC, then filed a lawsuit on behalf of the two non-lawyer daughters seeking a Declaratory Judgment, which required the lawyer-daughter to make good on all her threats or lose them, in other words, to put up or shut up. The lawyer-daughter’s response didn’t measure up to her threats, and she forever lost her ability to sue for those threatened claims. This resolved and extinguished the current threat of litigation from the lawyer-daughter, and the two non-lawyer daughters were completely reimbursed for all their attorney’s fees and costs by the lawyer-daughter.

Order Granting Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgment SIGNED BY JUDGE WHITE 9-23-16

The Law Office of Bill Pedersen, III, PLLC, wins lawsuit by filing a No-evidence Motion for Summary Judgment

My client was a web developer/designer who worked for a married couple’s business. The couple then had a bitter divorce, and the business’ ownership was the main point of dispute. In retaliation after the divorce, the husband sued the ex-wife, her father, and the web design/developer, alleging a conspiracy to destroy the business. This was a ridiculous accusation, at least against my client. My client, the web developer/designer, had worked for both spouses, and had worked for the ex-wife after the divorce. The ex-husband had seemingly unlimited funds to prosecute the lawsuit, however, and my client was under financial strain to respond. Ignoring a lawsuit often means you lose, regardless of the merit of the lawsuit against you. In advance of the trial, The Law Office of Bill Pedersen, III, PLLC, filed a No-evidence motion for summary judgment pursuant to Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 166a(i). These motions are very rarely granted. The 442nd Judicial District Court of Denton County, Texas GRANTED the No-evidence motion for summary judgment. The client, the web developer/designer, was out of the lawsuit. Past success is no guarantee of future success, but the client was very pleased.

Order Granting G Alan Pace's No-evidence MSJ SIGNED BY COURT 7-28-16


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The Law Office of Bill Pedersen, III, PLLC, has moved into new office space, exactly one floor above the previous location.