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The¬†United States Supreme Court significantly limited the ability of federal prosecutors to require co-defendants to satisfy judgments of forfeiture. The Supreme Court reversed the Sixth United States Court of Appeals’ holding that co-conspirators we “jointly and severally liable” for the full amount of ALL property subject to¬†forfeiture, and instead limited forfeiture to “property the defendant himself actually acquired as a result of the crime.” This opinion will change federal criminal practice dramatically, and will allow well-informed lawyers to reduce the collateral consequences of a federal criminal conviction. Many defendants convicted in federal conspiracy cases are left with astronomical monetary responsibilities upon completion of their sentences, just as they have just been branded almost unemployable, due to their felony convictions. The Law Office of Bill Pedersen, III, PLLC, stands ready to use this new weapon on behalf of our clients.

United States Supreme Court imposes limitations on forfeiture per defendant